Best Football Equipment

Football is a demanding sport and wearing the proper equipment while training is essential to avoiding injury and maximizing performance.

The best football gear might be a little expensive, but it is a wise investment given that your safety and health are in play. Skimping on the equipment may lead to an early exit from the sport, so we would advise you choose the suitable gear, clothing and accessories to make sure you improve your game.

Besides talent, equipment provides players with the tools they need to play soccer efficiently and safely. Basic consists of shirt or jersey, shorts, stockings, shin guards and shoes. When it comes to protective gear, there are no specific rules from FIFA, besides specifying that additional equipment may be worn as long as it doesn’t pose a danger to players.

First and foremost, let’s talk about footwear. Football players should wear turf shoes or cleats when playing. This is special footwear made exclusively for this kind of sport, as they provide better traction on grass, thus increasing the players’ ability to stay on their feet.

The shoes material is a special one to provide protection and make kicking a ball painless.

Then, the shin guards or pads are also important to protect a player’s shins and reduce the chance of injury to the tibia, a vulnerable part of the body that often gets kicked while playing.  This protective gear must be flexible and strong at the same time. They will be covered by long soccer socks.

The uniform is next on our list. When it comes to members of a certain football club, team shirts or full uniforms are usually provided for free, or the cost is included in the registration fee. But besides the official football uniform, players also need practice T-shirts and shorts, made of light synthetic materials, ideally a polyester mesh. High-tech polyester is usually used for football uniforms, as it absorbs very little water and draws moisture away from the body, thus allowing football players to remain cool and dry.

Football gloves are also a necessary item, and while not worn by all players, they will help protect your hands from scratches if you fall and keep your hands warm during cold weather.

In football, goalkeepers are required to wear the same equipment as their teammates, but there are a couple things unique to the goalie: the jersey will be a different color to be easily distinguishable and they will surely wear gloves.