Chelsea Got a Transfer Ban – It Paid Out in the End

In football, there is always a lot of drama when the transfer window is nearing. There are two transfer windows every year and players, clubs and fans, not to mention bookmakers, all prepare for transfer windows. You can almost feel the static in the air. It is often considered strange, or even a disappointment, when a team doesn’t change anything during its transfer windows.

But, it is worth noting that it is considered strange only in some cases, while it is not as strange in other ones, for example, when a team gets a transfer ban. This can happen due to various reasons, but some teams even benefit from it, while others take a few seasons to recover from it. In February of 2019, Chelsea got a two-time transfer window ban, meaning that they would have to wait until May to August of 2020. But, given their situation, the ban might have done them more good than bad. Here is all you need to know about the Chelsea ban.

Chelsea Transfer Ban – Why?

Once a couple of months passed since Chelsea was banned, the information about why they were banned and fined was disclosed to the public. The ban was due to a violation of the laws regarding trading minors. A couple other infringements were found, and they were fined a total of 460,000 pounds. They served half of the sentence, which does not forbid them to buy or sell players, but rather, to register them to play nationally and internationally. They had an appeal, which is supposed to be settled eventually, and since it is a special case, it might be settled faster than other, more fringe cases. But, has this not worked out for Chelsea?

Chelsea – Are They Doing Bad?

Chelsea is a team which has almost always been a top tier team. In the Premier League, they are currently sitting at third place, actually tied in points with second place Leicester City. The first team on the list is Liverpool, a bit ahead of both the second and third team.

With that in mind, their position isn’t that bad, but, given that they lost their first match in the Champions League to Valencia, they have started taking their situation more seriously. Their Group, Group H, has Ajax, Valencia, Chelsea and LOSC Lille. Lampard himself stated that it is a hard group, but even with their ban, he thinks that they are doing well, and that they are.

Is This Ban a Bad Thing?

Chelsea has proven that even with a ban, they can be a top 3 team and a team that can most likely get out of groups in the Champions League. If they didn’t have a ban, things would have most likely changed, and they would have had a different roster, which might have done better, but also worse. 

Chelsea is a team that can bounce back from anything, even a two-time transfer ban. With that in mind, even bans do not seem to hinder them, but rather force them to focus on teamwork.

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