Live! Stadium Casino in Philadelphia – What You Need to Know

People living in Philly are excited about getting another luxurious casino. So far they mostly had to rely on online gambling sites for entertainment, meaning this will be a welcome change. That being said they still find online casinos pretty entertaining as you can play poker, online slot machines, roulette, and almost any other game you would find in a regular casino. You can also get all sorts of bonuses in the form of free spins or credits from other websites. If you want to explore these options in detail, you can learn more here.

Stadium Casino that has been under construction for some time now is expected to start working in 2020. The construction site of this entertainment process is located in South Philadelphia’s Stadium District, and the reason why it is important is that it will be a second casino facility in Philly. The original intent was to name the hotel-casino Live!, however, the project owners decided not to move forward with the idea and stick to the name Stadium Casino

What Do We Know So Far?

The address of the casino is 900 Packer Ave. and the initial estimated cost of the project was 600 million USD. Once the casino opens it will be working 24/7, and it is going to operate just as any Vegas-Style gaming institution. The casino will feature 2000 slot machines, 33 tables for poker and over 120 table games. It will have 220 hotel rooms 200,000 square feet facility space will be dedicated to gaming purposes.  

The originally intended budget for the project was 450 million USD, however, that was before it was decided that an entirely new hotel needs to be built. The initial plan was to incorporate the Holiday Inn, which was the establishment that already occupied the site.

License Constraints

Throughout the development and construction, the future gaming establishment ran into a small regulatory hurdle. To be specific, the license granted to the casino by the state of Pennsylvania back in 2014 will expire in 2019, which is a problem considering the opening is planned for 2020. In other words, once the license expires the state of Pennsylvania has to renew it if the casino is to be operational.

Fortunately, there is little doubt that there will be an issue in terms of license renewal. The casino has already paid substantial license fees, over 70 million USD, and even an additional 40 million USD for satellite license. So, it is safe to assume that everything will carry on as planned and in the year 2020 the hotel-casino will open its doors to eagerly awaiting guests.  

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