Summer Football Camps Around Berkshire

We are all aware that sports are good for our health, more so for our children, who need regular physical activity to lead a healthy life and develop both physically and mentally.

During the summer months, when we all tend to be a bit lazy and indulge in holiday bliss, it’s a tad harder for kids to maintain the same activity level when it comes to sports. That’s where summer camps come into play and keeps their interest for sports alive. For those playing football, summer camps are a must to stay active.

The best football camps do much more than just improve a child’s football skills; they help each of them become a more skillful athlete, a more committed and trustful team player, and a more confident person in general.

In Berkshire, there are limited options to choose from for those looking to book a football summer camp. 3T Soccer’s football schools, for instance, promise enjoyable summer holidays for boys and girls in the Berkshire area. They welcome children of all ages, both boys and girls, who want to be initiated into the sport of football.

Campers who choose to go to 3T Soccer’s summer camps, located in Bracknell, Reading, will get the chance to participate in mini tournaments and football challenges, and besides that, they will be able to make a lot of friends. Moreover, the friendly and highly qualified coaches are well skilled into the sport and full of enthusiasm, so kids will spend time in a very enjoyable environment.

For those who don’t have an issue with travelling for a summer camp, there are other options nearby. We would recommend the Arsenal Soccer Camps, which are located at four sites: Oundle School in the north of London, Cleysmore School in Dorset, Worth School near Crawley and Seaford College.

Facilities at these camps include an extensive array of sports pitches and courts, accommodation for campers, swimming pool, and more.

The camp’s soccer program is tailored in such way to make sure they address the needs of every level of player. On the first day of camp, all participants are given a skills assessment and placed into the appropriate group or program.