The Transfer Market 2019/2020 – Top 3 Transfer Targets

Ever since the transfer windows dates were set, the questions on everyone’s minds are who will transfer and where. The summer and the winter transfer windows, which will finally close on 31 January 2020, brought with them a lot of speculations. Because soccer fans love betting on their favorite teams, which is now more convenient and fun with bonus codes such as William Hill promo code 2019, they love to show their enthusiasm and interest by keeping up-to-date with the possible future transfers. However, there seem to be a few players for whom everybody believes might be on a move.

Nicolo Barella

Nicolo Barella will probably have to do some thinking during the transfer period because he will most likely be pursued by a number of world-class clubs, including Inter, Napoli and Chelsea. Although only twenty-two years old, Nicolo has obviously made a great impression on the leading clubs and is now valued at $57.5 million. The rumor is that Chelsea is not wasting any time while the other two clubs might make a move in the last moment. Due to his successes in the field, it seems that his current club is also not going to let him go off easily. Nicolo Barella has received some much-needed advice from Roberto Mancini who warned him not to make a rash move.

Matthijs de Ligt

Matthijs de Ligt might be only nineteen years old, but he started turning heads with his raw talent and professionalism he displayed in the field. He has come a long way since his breakthrough to now being the captain of Ajax, so it isn’t surprising that many teams are going after him during this transfer period. One of the first clubs that come to mind as a potential suitor is Barcelona since they have a long history of transfers with the Dutch giants. Other potential clubs include Liverpool, Manchester United, and Juventus. However, even though he is one of the top transfer targets, Matthijs de Ligt seems pretty set on staying in his current team.

Diego Godin

Diego Godin is an Uruguayan soccer player who currently holds the position of a defender in Atletico Madrid. He has been with them for almost nine full years and many commentators think that this is the year when he will finally change the scenery. This is also supported by the fact that Manchester United is said to want him on their team. Manchester United have had a number of problems with defense in the past couple of seasons and are looking for a solution. Luckily for them, Diego Godin is considered to be one of the best centre-backs in the world and he might be just what they need. However, right now, it is quite uncertain to say whether this thirty-three year old actually decides to transfer and if so, where.

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