Who Will be Promoted to the Premier League in 2019?

Every year, the Premier League sees at least three teams relegated to the EFL and at least three other teams promoted to the top tier of football in England. The relegated teams are fairly easy to guess, seeing that the lowest tier teams can easily be spotted in the first half of the season. The ones who will be promoted are another story.

Since betting in England is a very common thing, people often bet on the teams which are going to make it into another league, in this case, the teams who are going to be promoted. But trying to bet on that would really be a bad idea, especially during the start of the season where anything can really change, and quite quickly, too. Even the middle of the season is volatile, even if you could possibly get an idea of which team is better and which worse. You would be better off playing bingo, especially given all the online promotions such as the Costa Bingo promo code and the likes.

What is the state of the Premier League in 2019, specifically the bottom end? Who is gone and who is coming to replace them?

The Relegated Teams

The Premier League was really interesting at the top of the ladder. Manchester City got away with the championship title by a single point. Liverpool was just a single point behind City. The joke was on Manchester, as Liverpool is now in the finals of the Champions League against the 4th place team, Tottenham Hotspur. Both the first and third seed are out of the tournament.

At the bottom of the table, some of the most impressive victories in the league were against two of the three bottom teams. Huddersfield Town lost 6 to 1 versus Manchester City, in a very one sided game. Huddersfield Town also lost 4 to 0 against Hotspur. Cardiff City lost 4 to 1 versus Chelsea and 5 to 1 versus Watford. Take note, though, even though Chelsea is the 3rd seed of the Premier League, they lost 6 to 0 against Manchester City, the 1st team.

The three last teams, however, got relegated into the EFL, and those teams are the already mentioned Huddersfield Town and Cardiff City, as well as Fulham. A team which got promoted to the Premier league the year before, the Wolverhampton Wanderers finished the season in the 7th place, which is an astonishing result.

The Promoted Teams

The second tier of football in England is played in the English Football League Championship, or simply Championship. Since there are three teams to be relegated, there will also be three teams who are going to get promoted. The system is different, and the top three seeds do not advance, but rather the top two. The last team to advance is the one which wins the playoffs. The top two seeds who will be promoted are Norwich City and Sheffield United. In the final between Derby County and Aston Villa, one of the two teams gets to advance to the Premier league. The match is scheduled for May 27.

This is the state of the Premier League and the EFL Championship. Three teams get relegated every year, three teams get promoted. Norwich City, Sheffield United and the winner of Derby County and Aston Villa will advance to the top tier league.

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