Why Playing Sports Is Good for Kids

Physical activity brings kids more benefits than we can imagine. As such, playing a team-based sport can do wonders for children. Participation in sports will help them gain a better posture, improve their memory, boost their confidence and self-esteem, will help them be more productive, develop social skills, and simply be happier.

Organised sports, like football, basketball, volley and others, give children the opportunity to grow into well-rounded, confident, hard-working adults, as it helps them develop important character traits and acquire values with positive impact in their lives.

Given that in sports the base of control comes from correct posture, practicing sports will somehow force children to gain a better posture in order to perform movements with the appropriate degree of control. Additionally, it will help them keep in shape and healthy.

The positive impact of playing a team-based sport on a child’s self-esteem and confidence is undeniable. Children involved in any kind of sport are often praised and encouraged by parents and coaches, which helps them trust in their abilities and build self-confidence. On the other hand, constructive criticism can also be beneficial when fully understood and used to grow and get better in what you do.

It has been found that children who participate in athletics also have better grades at school. And this is due to the fact that sports improve memory and kids learn to apply the same principles of dedication and hard work learnt through sports to their studies.

Moreover, there are many benefits of children’s team sports, including the fact that sports promote a team attitude and coerce kids to cooperate to achieve their goals. Children playing football, for instance, know that they cannot win a game by themselves, they support their teammates and learn from early on that bad attitude affects the whole team.

Sports also teach kids to be responsible and develop good time management skills, put them in different situations that will help them develop their problem solving skills and they will learn to communicate better with their peers.  

Actually, there are voices that say that playing multiple sports is even better for kids, as they develop a feel for any game they are playing. Those participating in several sports are able to transfer athletic movements, thanks to cross-training, and thus become better and more creative in their approach.

Last but not least, children should play sports because it’s fun and they love it!