Factors that Affect the Outcome of Football Games

Football, the most popular sport in the world, is a team sport. 11 players versus 11 players (unless someone gets a red card), it is quite the team game. Unlike other sports, particularly individual sports like tennis, where one person battles themselves and their opponents, football can be harder and easier, depending on your teammates and yourself. If you are a good player but terrible at teamwork, you might be better off playing an individual sport.

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But, football matches often end in unexpected ways, just think of Greece taking the entire 2004 Euros championship, a team which nobody expected to do well. There are plenty of factors which affect football matches. Here are the most common ones.

Terrible Teamwork

If the teamwork is bad, then the team will perform poorly. Having a single star player a team and if the team is uncoordinated, there is no way that they can win against a well-coordinated team. Teamwork is affected by various other factors like attitude, ego, coaches, players and whether they are on a winning or losing streak. Motivation is also a big part of teamwork, because not all players play for the love of football. 

The Weather

Most football matches are played on open stadiums. This means that the field is exposed to weather changes. Whether there is rain or even snow, football matches are affected by this. They can swing either way or even be delayed due to bad weather. Some players might perform worse in cold or warm weather, depending on their body type, training as well as endurance.

Individual Play

Individuals have been known to swing matches either way. Some individuals lead their teams to losses due to poor play. Others, well, they lead their teams to victories with amazing outplays and clutch moments. It doesn’t matter which player overperforms if the team is victorious in the end. Sometimes it can be the goalkeeper, sometimes defender, sometimes striker.


Coaches can make or break a team. They can assign various exercises which might end up hurting or enhancing the team. It all depends on the coach and the team. Some players react better to some exercises and team building while others to other kinds. Whether the coach notices this and adapts to it is another question. This is why coaches can either make the team better or completely break it.

Football matches can be swung by multiple factors and the ones mentioned above are just some which could have an influence, positive or negative. Whether someone plays better or the entire team plays worse or there is a snowfall, matches can be swung by multiple things.

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